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Dental tray thermoplastic silicone tray

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Dental oral teeth whitening tooth accessory accessories homemade heat curing molding

  The price is: 1 price, it is recommended to buy 2 multiples!

  2 can hold a bag, 4, 8, 10 can hold a bag!

1. Good shape stability. After immersing in boiling water for a long time, the tray will not be severely deformed or contracted.

So that it can't be used.

2. High transparency. The molded tray maintains high transparency and is especially suitable for use with cold light whiteners.

3. Good thermoplasticity. Compared with similar products, the thermoplastic has obvious advantages and is especially suitable for home use.

The gum line is very clear.

4, can be repeatedly formed. Due to the inability to control the water temperature and soaking time, the forming effect of the tray is often not good.

This product can be reshaped in hot water at 80-90 °C even if it is poorly formed, which is not available in other products.



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