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Creative Abstract Character Jane Ou Thinker Ornaments Living Room Home Accessories Wedding Gifts

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1:The advantage of resin crafts customization is the selection of its raw materials. It is made using resin as the material. It can properly allocate some other materials when it is produced, thus forming the ratio of different materials, so that it can have Various properties and functions

2:Using it will not cause harm to the family. Therefore, many households are now initially using this kind of craft decoration, not only very beautiful, but also very healthy and environmentally friendly. Unlike some craft products, which release harmful gases, it also has many classifications.

Product information:

Material: synthetic resin

Process: Resin process

Category: Resin Crafts

Hanging form: ornaments

Style: simple and modern

Modeling: Character

Packaging: carton packaging

Color: A glossy abstract person 51409 left thinking, B glossy abstract person 51410 focus, C glossy abstract person 51408 right thinking, D stripe abstract person HP51400 left thinking, E stripe abstract person HP5399 focus, F stripe abstract person HP51398 right thinking

Package Content:

1*Thinker Decoration


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