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Adjustable Metal Grip

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1 Strong material: made of spring steel and strong aluminum alloy, strong and durable grip.
2. Perfect fixture: The perfect fixture can increase the strength and flexibility of your hands, fingers, wrists and forearms. Suitable for artists, athletes, golfers, rock climbers, tennis players, office workers, etc.
3 adjustable resistors: Provide 5 resistance levels (50-75-100-125-150 lbs), which can be improved according to your specific needs and goals. Suitable for men, women, elderly and teenagers of different strengths.
4 Wide range of functions: If you have musculoskeletal stiffness, rheumatoid arthritis, joint disease, tendonitis, wristitis, tennis elbow, finger and wrist injuries, and are recovering from manual exercise from fracture, wrist fracture or tendon surgery The device can help you recover and relieve stress.


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