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Forceps Cell Squeezing Acne Tool Special Artifact Suit For Beauty Salon

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Classification of beauty tools: blackhead clip of acne needle color classification: No.1 basic 4-piece combination (8-head no repeat needle) [iron box + Gift] No.2 super fine needle [iron box + Gift] No.3 acne ending set (basic 4-piece group + D inclined mouth clip) [iron box + Gift] No.4 acne ending set [basic 4-piece group + e Hook Clip] [iron box + Gift] No.5 luxury acne ending set [basic 4-piece combination + b] [iron box + Gift] No.6 luxury multi-function suit [4-piece combination + B + C + D + e] [iron box + Gift] No.8 C sharp nose clip [iron box + Gift] No.9 D oblique mouth clip [iron box + Gift] No.11 e Hook Clip [iron box + Gift] NO.12 - super sharp blackhead and acne removal hardcover [iron box + Gift] special price - Basic 4-piece plastic box (eight heads without duplicate needles) [no gift] Basic 4-piece combination (8-head no repeat needles) [plastic box + Gift] 5 pieces of super value common needles + [gift] (single acne needle)
Suitable for any skin type
Classification of beauty tools: facial beauty tools

Packing list: acne removing forceps * 1


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